Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hello to everyone

This site is an offshoot of my most frequently visited web page, which is a list of which antidepressants affect weight. I never intended this to be such a focus of my website, but since there is apparently a demand for the information, I decided to start a blog that I can more frequently update. I hope for those of you who use psychiatric medications, or who have friends/loved ones who do...that the information I provide here allows you to maximize the benefits of these medications while minimizing the side effects.

I personally have no opinion about any medication discussed here. I know that psychiatric medications can be life-saving. I also know, and have seen first hand, that many of these medications are more effective when used in conjunction with healthy eating, activity, sleep, and stress management behaviors.

This blog was never and will never be intended to substitute for medical advice. I will provide references if you wish to share them with your prescribing caregiver, but I do not and will not ever recommend that anyone adjust or discontinue a medication without first consulting a medical professional who is licensed to prescribe controlled substances.

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