Monday, May 12, 2008

Check out these blogs

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share some other blogs with you that I thought might be helpful. I'm fairly new to the whole blog thing and it amazes me how easy it would be to spend days on end bouncing from one blog through a blog roll to another and another...and then, to suddenly jolt out of your e-coma wondering where you spent the last week!

On behalf of the marriages of my blog readers, being someone who aspires to spend as little time in front of the computer as possible, and who has trouble actually making that happen, I haven't created a blog roll. I figured it would be better to mention a few of my favorites from time to time. Here are two.

1. This blog's owner, Duane Sherry, is quite humble about who he is. He's more well-read in the area of psych meds and alternatives than most psychiatrists! Duane and I have discussed our slightly different viewpoints--he has a much stronger opinion about meds vs. natural alternatives than I do. That probably stems from the fact that I am working with people on medications and trying to educate physicians about alternatives, but in the process of gaining their trust, I do need to respect the therapies they're trained in and currently using. Those wacky lawyers out there can make it very difficult for physicians to be open-minded about things! Because of my position in the system, I have to make them as happy as I do the docs and the patients...and that means being a little bit more moderate (or, as I told Duane, the quintessential Libra who obsesses about information and takes forever to come to a conclusion about anything.)

If you like anything I write about potential alternatives to psychiatric medication, you will certainly enjoy Duane's body of work.

2. Joanna Poppink is a psychotherapist in Los Angeles who is a tireless advocate for people with eating disorders. I've known her for years, presented with her at a conference, and have so much respect for the energy she puts into this population. Someone who works as hard as Joanna should be able to put herself out of business because she's eradicated the problem she worked so hard to solve. Unfortunately, with eating disorders, that just isn't happening. So if you need good information from a professional and compassionate soul, check out

And then, once you check out these two blogs, turn off your computer and hug your spouse!

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