Sunday, April 6, 2008

New contributor--and great info to come on Parkinson's disease!

I'm really excited to announce, I will soon have a co-contributer to this blog! My partner in crime will be Kathrynne Holden, a registered dietitian who specializes in diet for Parkinson's disease. She has authored numerous publications on the topic and she has spoken at many conferences as well. Kathrynne is THE "go to" person in this area, and has agreed to share her expertise regarding medications and nutrition aspects of this diagnosis.

If Parkinson's disease is a special interest of yours, you can see more of Kathrynne at the National Parkinson Foundation website,,

where Kathrynne moderates a listserve and answers personal questions. Once you get to the website, click "Ask the Parkinson Dietitian", follow the instructions, then post your question.

A warm and excited welcome to Kathrynne!

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