Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More conversation about aspartame

Thank you to the many people who found this blog through my post on aspartame! It's rewarding to know that my voracious appetite for research was useful to a few people in Internet-land.

If aspartame is an area of interest to you, please consider tuning in to The American Awakening with Michael Herzog, this coming Tuesday (April 15, 2008), where we will be expanding on the discussion. You can learn more about his program at He's calling me to establish the phone connection just after noon Pacific/Arizona time, so I assume it won't be long after that when we begin to chat.

I will qualify, I am a scientist with an interest in the brain, so my area of knowledge in this area is research studies regarding food, medication, and supplements affecting brain function. That's what I am most qualified to speak about and what I will focus on when chatting with Michael.

Hope to see you there!

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