Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thanks to all of you and Happy 2009!

Hello readers,

I had no idea whatsoever that my random posts about mental health would gain so much readership. In one short year this blog has grown from a reader here and there to 1300 readers from 112 countries, and 1600 page views per month.

Thank you so much for your interest!

I can tell by the comments you take the time to post, that you are all sincerely desiring to take control of your health. I understand the responsibility that goes with that kind of trust, given the diagnoses and medications I address when I write. I hope as 2009 progresses that I continue to write about meaningful topics that give you inspiration and tangible ideas for actions you can take in your respective lives.

Please do let me know how I can improve on this blog, and please comment where you see fit. This blog is a community effort, steered by the interests of you, the readers.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Carrie said...

Thank you for sharing. Best to you in 2009.