Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trans fat information

Yes, I've been a little quiet lately. I've been traveling, and also ramping up to re-launch my newsletter, After the Diet. This next issue is about food policy, which I really want to get out before the election.

Don't fret, I did my best to be nonpartisan! The goal was mainly to illustrate how the things we believe about food and the foods that show up in our food supply are related to deals cut on Capitol Hill. I do my best to stay right down the middle. My obligation is to help anyone who can benefit from my expertise, since diabetes, infertility, depression, you name it, affect Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents.

It matters not to me HOW you vote, it matters THAT you vote, and that when you do, your vote is informed.

So I researched some issues related to foods and put them together in a newsletter.

The graphic you see is a handout, included in that newsletter, that I developed on trans-fats, since they've recently been making a lot of news and I see clients misusing this information since they don't understand it.

If you're interested in any of the following:
--why wild salmon isn't really wild
--why the United States sued Mexico to import high-fructose corn syrup
--how flooding in Iowa may be raising the price of shrimp
--why catfish is not so easy to find in your grocery store
--what food-related legislation was actually co-sponsored by (!) John McCain and
John Kerry
--what FDA warning is potentially reducing the IQ of babies
--what one simple change Americans could make to collectively save $18,630,000,000
then you might be interested in subscribing to my newsletter.

I'm already working on the next edition, which will cover the following topics:

Melatonin: The Ultimate Antioxidant?

Dietary Aspects of Melatonin Balance

Sleep, Weight, Insulin Resistance, and Aging

Why Do Pilots Have Shortened Lifespans?

Is It Attention Deficit Disorder? Or Is It Sleep Deprivation?

It's a really fun publication and I'd love to have you subscribe!

I promise, once I get this issue out, there's lots and lots to blog about.

Stay tuned!

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